May 19, 2006

H4x0r the planet!1!!!

Greetings & Salutations from the Silicon Valley...

"We are receiving 17,000 more defaced websites in these minutes. We will account them in this news but we are not sure we will ever be able to handle such a huge amount of notifications as to mirror all of them we should possess a distributed platform such the one Google is having on Akamai. The latest notified defacements seems to belong to the ISP"

Some how, the Turkish cracker going by the handle "Iskorpitx", succesfully hacked 21,549 websites in one shot (what a champ)...(Link - Zone-H)

This is impressive & while we here at the Realm don't openly condone such activities, we are VERY impressed. Pwn3d!!1!!

I'll bet he couldn't hack a Gibson though!


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