May 24, 2006

The insidious clock-stopping menace that's destroying the NBA.

From Slate...

Fans who slept through Monday night's Mavericks-Spurs game will wake up to read that Dallas pulled off a "thrilling" victory in a series that was "as good as basketball gets." I'll give it to you straight, sleepyheads: Reading about it was a lot more fun than watching it. The dramatic high point of Dallas' Game 7 victory came when Manu Ginobili's 3-pointer put the Spurs up three with 32 seconds to go. The Mavericks responded by calling timeout. After Dallas tied the game on Dirk Nowitzki's three-point play, San Antonio called timeout. A few missed shots and a two-minute commercial break later, the game went to overtime, wherein four more timeouts were called. In the game's final moments, there were nearly as many timeouts (six) as field goals (seven). If this is as good as basketball gets, please run 2,000 volts through my recliner.

Basically, there's no real point to calling timeouts late in the game. Other than to try and show that as coachs, they're actually doing something.. The last couple paragraphs of the article are hillarious.... (Link -


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