May 24, 2006

Naughty America: The Game (seriously)

Naughty America: The Game - Get ready for the first multiplayer experience to boldly go where no game has gone before - to bed!

Naughty America: The Game is a massively multiplayer online world, combining in-game chat functionality with real-world profiles along with a heaping dose of entertaining games and exploration features. We're bringing together players across the globe for a whole lot of sexy on-screen fun, and the chance to meet real people in the real world. This is the evolution of online dating - you've never rubbed elbows in the electronic world like this before. - From the Naughty America Website

Somebody download this & tell me how it goes. (Link - Naughty America: The Game)

WARNING: Visit this site with your sound off... The looped music is awful.


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