May 28, 2006

New Sega Genisis Game released...

Yes. You read that correctly. This is the first Genisis game since 1998. For $46 you to can play Beggar Prince.

From Siliconera (Link)...

Leave it to the homebrew community to develop a game for the Sega Genesis long after Sega left the whole hardware business. Beggar Prince is the adventure of Prince Steven, a lazy brat who wants nothing more than to get out of his daily tutoring lessons. He slips out of the castle and swaps clothes with a pauper that looks just like him. The plan works and the prince is in the outside world, but now he can’t get back in the castle while the kingdom is being overthrown. Unlike other homebrew games Beggar Prince is sold as a physical Genesis cartridge. For $46 shipped you can be talking to random townsfolk, casting walls of flame and meet the obligatory cute helper monster in Beggar Prince.
(Link - Siliconera: Beggar Prince)

Click on the screenshot for a direct link to the Beggar Prince Website.


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