June 02, 2006

2016: A Peek at Our Internet Future..

Apparently there is a generation that will not remember a time when there was no internet! Wha? Yes, friends... We at the realm remember a time before the internet. We remember BBS's (Link)... That's how old we are...

Anyho, there's an interesting article over at PBS, about the future. How the novelty of the internet is fading quickly...


The biggest shift over the next ten years will be one of attitude, as our mindset of "going online" is replaced by one of "being online". This change has already started, as telephones and televisions become more integrated with the Net, and connectivity will grow to include everything from your morning alarm clock to the book you read before falling asleep at night. The "Internet" will no longer be a destination, but the essential glue that holds our world together.

Along with a change of mindset will be a generational shift. By the year 2016, no one under the age of forty will remember a world without personal computers. The average twenty year old will find it hard to imagine a time when there wasn't any email to check or Web sites to visit. When we reach this point, even the novelty of the term "Internet" will have long since faded to join such golden buzz-words of yesteryear as "space age" and "atomic".

(Link - 2016)


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