June 12, 2006

Art about space exploration by people who have never heard of it...

By way of the Kircher Society (Link)...

John Connelly Presents (JCP) is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new painting, installation and video by Marco Boggio Sella. For this exhibition, the artist's second solo show in New York, Boggio Sella traveled to Burkina Faso, West Africa bringing with him images and textbooks on the subject of Astronomy. These materials included among other images of the sun and stars, photographs of the 1969 American moon landing (an event that is often referred to as mankind’s greatest technological achievement of all time). For a population living in one of the most impoverished and remote areas on earth, seeing these pictures (most for the first time) and entertaining the astonishing idea of man’s abilities to travel to the moon led to a series of interviews and commissions/collaborations with the artist.

(Link - john connelly presents)

the Realm would like to acknowledge that there are some among us who believe the moon landing was created in a Hollywood basement... Mabye we not so different from those people after all...


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