June 18, 2006

Article about game testing...

I'm a couple days behind on this one, but it's very interesting & for the most part very accurate.... Although I've never done blow off a toilet seat while at work (read the article).

From Edge Online...

“You are not playing games.” While researching the life and times of the modern-day games tester for this article, we asked everyone we interviewed – quality assurance professionals, the developers who work with them (and as often as not used to be them), disillusioned former testers who’ve hung up their gamepads and walked away – what the most common misconception about the job was. And without exception, they all gave that same answer. Anyone with any experience of the QA process will deny the slightest resemblance between testing a game and playing one for pleasure: finding bugs is unmistakably work, and, by common consensus, very dull and repetitive work at that. On top of this, pay is often poor, job security frail, working conditions extreme and recognition hard to come by.

Mmm... ya.... That's the shit that keeps me showing up for work each day....

(Link - Edge Online)


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