June 27, 2006


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Ubuntu, a user-friendly version of Linux, has been running so nicely on my home personal computer that I decided to do an experiment. I wrote down a list of tasks I normally do with Windows XP and decided to see how many of them I could do on Linux.

Here’s what my list looked like: 1) Write this column; 2) Browse the Web; 3) Get new software and install it; 4) Download files; 5) Play music and video files; 6) Burn CDs; and 7) Print my documents.

Of all these, the first was the easiest. Ubuntu comes with 2.0, an excellent personal productivity suite that works much like Microsoft Office, with its own word processor, spreadsheet, database and presentation programs. It reads and writes files in MS Word, RTF and a variety of other formats, so sharing your files with colleagues who use Windows or Mac PCs won’t be a problem. Unlike earlier versions, too, the program seems to load and run much faster.

Browsing was just as easy. Ubuntu lets you take your pick from several Web browsers, including Firefox. I experienced some glitches initially with YouTube—the videos were playing without sound—but that worked itself out after I rebooted the system.

(Link - Manila Standard)

You know the Linux fanboys are all creaming in their proverbial shorts over shit like this. Why is this even a story?? You can use other operating systems -- most of us just chose not. Also, look at the shit he does... Write a column, browse the internet.... Maybe I could write a whole story about how I use open office to write documents... Here goes...

One day, I decided I would try and do the same things I do with Microsoft Office using OpenOffice. I made a list. Write a letter, write a memo... And you know what?? It worked... Wait, that wasn't much of a story... Ohya, neither is this Ubuntu one...
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