June 19, 2006

Captain's Log, stardate 4.20... hahah.. not really.

Do you like Star Trek? Do you have a hard time, letting go? Do you sometimes think that your favorite science fiction character could actually be a real person? Even if you only answered yes to one of those questions, this site is for you.

It appears that Captain Jean-Luc Picard has continued to enter his Journal on Blogger. Good choice. Honestly, I can't make it through an entire post. This has nothing to do with the writing, it's excellent. It just appears that I am not as big of a fan-boy as I initially thought I was. I know plenty of people who are getting moist reading this though. Enjoy my fellow geeks, dweebs, nerds & cosplayers... Finally, an introspective look at arguably the greatest Starfleet Commander...

(Link - Captain Picard's Journal)


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