June 21, 2006

CLEAN YOUR HOME/CAR/COMPUTER CHEAP!!! Nice Guy Homekeeping (cupertino)

A friend of the Realm posted this on Craigslist...

I am a high tech worker here in Palo Alto, looking to make some money on the side to earn extra income. (life sure is expensive in the bay area)

I live in Cupertino, but I can come to your house, within like a 60 miles radius.

Basically I can offer the following services:

Dusting (paying attention to detail)
Cleaning the kitchen
Cleaning Windows

I can even wash your car!

I can even fix your computer (if you want) giving it a "tune up" by removing Spyware, updating patches, answering your computer questions.

I can help you set up a secure wireless internet connection (most are unsecure)

I can even do yard work such as mowing the lawn, and trimming bushes.

Here is the best part. I have no set price. I come, you see the hard work I do, and you pay me with what you believe is a fair price for the services.

And last of all I'm a realy nice hardworking guy.

Email me or call today!!!


Do it. He's a cool cat! Yes I copied the post Exactly...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We could totally use his services...makes you think of the many arenas you can get yourself into...this was a good one!

2:54 PM  

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