June 18, 2006

Digg Comments are useless. And you can't mod me down for this.

Have you ever taken time to read the comments section on each story on (Link)? It's pathetic... A lot of the stories are about Linux, Open Source Software, Microsoft, Mac, XBOX, PS2 or PS3, & video games. Obviously there are more subjects, but for the sake of conciseness, those will do. Ultimately the comments section spirals into a flame war between fan-boys on either side of a given topic. It's especially pathetic to watch the threads on anything Unix or Linux or Gnome or Ubuntu or Mac vs PC vs Linux; watch the comment n00bs get pwn3d(Link) (Link) (Link) (Link) (Link). What I like to imagine is it's a bunch of developers or advanced Users trying to out-nerd each other with tales prowess related to obscure operating systems. Sadly, the moment anyone says anything negative about their precious program that person gets modded down and flamed to the point they probably wont engage in comments ever again. I hope that these same developers & or advanced Users don't spend sleepless nights wondering why more people don't use these alternate OS's. The majority of people who are proficient with Linux or Ubuntu or Unix for some reason turn into giant ass-clowns when given a sliver of anonymity & the internet to shoot their mouths off on. And I think it's especially because they don't have to be held accountable for acting like a giant tool. Further more, let's not forget that few if any of us are impressed with your arcane knowledge. There's a reason that your precious OS will most likely never make it to the mainstream & I think it's much the same reason that marijuana is a long ways off from being legalized. So often the people who are the loudest about alternative operating systems, or about legalizing marijuana are the most socially abrasive people on the planet. Get a fucking clue. I'm not going to load some operating system onto my machine only to be flamed to death in a forum for being a n00b. So, in closing,, awesome site for getting articles that are mildly interesting. But stay out of the comments section -- it will only lead to anger & the desire to write something fucking stupid.


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