June 02, 2006

GoDaddy denies being H4x0r3d

It's a h4x0r theme today kids...


If you ever asked yourself what was the reason for having a defacement archive like Zone-H, web hosting giant GoDaddy is finally giving you a good one. Ops sorry, 38,500 good ones...

ZDNet's reporter George Ou who is also a GoDaddy customer, being concerned about hosting his personal page on GoDaddy decided to dig into the incident we reported a few days ago when Turkish cracker Iskorpitx hacked and defaced 38,500 websites in a single shot, most of them hosted by GoDaddy.

The cracker apparently took advantage of a weakness present in an ASP script GoDaddy automatically uploads in all his customers directories. George decided to see more clear in the issue and digging in Zone-H archives he discovered that a similar incident happened in April 2005, always having Iskorpitx playing the role of the butcher and GoDaddy of the hamburger.

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