June 09, 2006

Net neutrality gets pwn3d...

From the BBC...

US politicians have rejected attempts to enshrine the principle of net neutrality in legislation.

Some fear the decision will mean net providers start deciding on behalf of customers which websites and services they can visit and use.

The vote is a defeat for Google, eBay and Amazon which wanted the net neutrality principle protected by law.

All three mounted vigorous lobbying campaigns prior to the vote in the House of Representatives.

A big thanks goes to all the ass-clowns in DC... And an even bigger thanks goes to all the idiots that continue to vote Republican... At what point will you have lost enough things in life, (civil liberties, net neutrality, abortion) before you realize it's starting to look like government is way to involved in your personal life. Morons.
(Link - BBC)

In other news, the apocalypse didn't happen... Whew!


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