June 22, 2006

Nighlife Interactive Gaming...

From the website...

This is a massive multiplayer role playing game set in the world of dance clubs, private parties, and sainos. Real clubs, in some of the most exciting cities in the world, will be featured in the game. You will have access to great music, great atmosphere, be able to meet new people, and "maybe" a bit more.

Right. So, there is then, I assume, a direct correlation between people who go to nightclubs & people who play MMORPGs. Hmm... I'm not sure I see it. Could I be the only one that plays MMORPGs & doesn't go to nightclubs? Ha. I doubt it.

On to the possabilities...

The ability to level up to become an actual virtual nightclub owner.
Once you are a club owner you can design and run your own club.
You can have actual musical groups perform in your virtual club.
You can earn real world dollars from your club.

So, why not just call it nightclub tycoon & skip all the bullshit MMORPG baggage? Wait, I just had another idea... Why not open your own club in Second Life (Link)?? At least in the monstrosity of a game you can do more than just lines at a virtual nightclub.

We applied for to Beta Test the game. So, if we get in, we'll let all 4-7 of the regular Realm readers know.

(Link - NightLife)


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