June 13, 2006

The Post Modern Paper Generator...

We here at the Realm, Love post-modernism. We love the lack of absolutes... We love the meshing of different thoughts, beliefs, ideas... We love that we recieved 4 college credits for a post-modernism class... Awesome. Which brings us to this website. Each time this website is loaded it produces a new post modern essay using the Dada Engine (Link). And engine, that as the website puts it, "is a system for generating random text from grammars. It compiles and runs on (most) UNIX-like systems." At this engine has "delivered 2176841 essays since 25/Feb/2000 18:43:09 PST, when it became operational. It is being served from a machine in Seattle, Washington, USA." It's amazing... What does it all mean? Read one of the essays sometime... They make you think, not just about the content, but about words that are written litterally without inherant meaning behind them. The author's motivations have no correlation (becaues there is no motivation from the code that generates the essay)to the meaning contained both within the individual words and within the essay as a whole. (Link -
By the way, I had Japanese buffet today & ate so much goddamn sushi that I feel I have expanded to the point that I may need to loosen my belt. We'll see...


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