June 07, 2006

Thank Heaven for Little Girls: Why Rule of Rose May Be 2006's Most Controversial Game


Young girls? Check. Video game? Check. Gore? Check. Awesome? Heck ya... Maybe...

Rule of Rose is an unusual type of horror game, developed by Punchline, with very nice looking CG work from graphics house Shirogumi, published by Sony in Japan, and Atlus in the U.S. The story surrounds a group of young girls who exist on their own terms, living in a dilapidated orphanage called Rose Garden, which is dominated by a group of girls who call themselves the Aristocracy of the Red Crayon. As the protagonist, Jennifer, you and your canine companion must find a way to survive the wrath of the other girls, as well as the adults that exist in the area. The game has a rather sadistic bent, but also a somewhat erotic one, especially in the game’s lush CG scenes, which might raise a few eyebrows upon release.
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