June 20, 2006

WaReZ group get's pwn3d today...

From The & a the friend of the Realm that pointed this out...

Federal prosecutors announced today that two more people, including a Cupertino man, have been convicted as part of Operation Copycat, the Justice Department's crackdown on Internet piracy.

Cupertino resident Tom Leung, 53, and Ray Morada, 32, of Washington, D.C., were convicted today of conspiracy and copyright infringement charges for their participation in a `warez group.''

Warez groups are the source of the majority of pirated movies, music and software distributed and downloaded on the Internet, according to federal prosecutors.

Once a warez release group prepares a stolen work for distribution, the material is distributed in minutes to secure, top-level Internet servers throughout the world. From there, within a matter of hours, the pirated works are distributed globally, filtering down to peer-to-peer and other public file sharing networks accessible to anyone with Internet access, according to authorities.

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I just lifted half that story... Much like a WaReZ group would... Wait, maybe not, but you can finish the article at MercuryNews if you want .. But, this is enough to get the idea... Seeya!


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