July 10, 2006

400,000 Lawyers

Over at the Daily Kos...

On June 7th, Michael S. Greco, the president of the American Bar Association, gave a speech at the Commonwealth Club of California entitled "Living Within the Law: Next Steps in the War on Terror".

There are many portions of the speech on this website... I'll post one here I think it's pretty damn good.. Go over to the Daily Kos to read a more informed post about it...

When any one branch of government attempts to place itself above or usurp the constitutionally-mandated roles of the other branches, our democracy is threatened.

We have now reached a point where all Americans must ask themselves whether these practices of our government are isolated and unconnected, or whether they form a pattern that threatens the very foundations of the rule of law in the United States.

When 400,000 Lawyers start questioning the government openly, shouldn't you?

(Link - Daily Kos)


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