July 05, 2006

Birthplace of the Cellphone to be demolished...

Bell Labs

From Engadget...

The facility in question, one time Holmdel, New Jersey home to Bell Labs -- one of the most prolific technology innovators of the 20th century -- was owned by Lucent technologies until a recent round of asset liquidations. Barely 40 miles out of New York City, in its heydey the six-story, two million square foot campus, employed over 5,600 people who toiled away in its bowels; it became home to the work of numerous Nobel laureates, and has long since been cemented in the annals of tech history as the birthplace to some of the most important communications technologies ever conceived. And it'll soon be torn down.

That's to bad... Ya, that's all I'm going to say about the emotional weight of this situation. Engadget gives a nice history of the whole thing. Definately worth a read as the majority of us have a cellphone & it is one of the few pieces of technology we take with us practically everywhere.

(Link - Engadget)


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