July 23, 2006

BuyIraq currency for fun & profit.

This could be the greatest website I've found in recent history. Seriously. Are you ready gamble on an international scale? Are you ready to gamble that the Dinar will rebound against the dollar? If so, have we got a site for you. It's called, seriously, "Bet On Iraq".
Here's a snipet from the Main Page... It explains it better...

Astounding currency devaluation.
After years of trade sanctions, and rampant counterfeiting, the Iraqi Dinar has plummeted from its pre-Gulf War value of over USD$3, to mere fractions of one US cent. What was once the equivalent of more than $82,500, can now be purchased for less than $50. Can Iraq's economy achieve, in a free market, what it once achieved under a brutal dictatorship? We don't know yet. But we know she is not alone in her effort to do so.
Might a free Iraq thrive?
Above and beyond the vast oil reserve, agriculture, and highly educated population, there is now liberty in Iraq. We believe that where liberty is sown, prosperity blooms.

We understand that liberty is always challenged. It's challenged regularly in our own country. Why should a fledgling democracy, on the heels of a 30 year dictatorial rule, be immune?

We simply trust that the seed of freedom, implanted more than two years ago with the fall of Saddam's regime, has germinated in the hearts of the majority of the Iraqi people. We see this as a wondrous thing, with tremendous possibilities.

The free world is behind Iraq.
Thirty-eight nations have reduced the debts owed to them in an effort to bolster Iraq's economy. Billions of dollars are being invested by international firms to create Iraqi markets. 18 billion dollars has been given to Iraq by the US State Department to rebuild the nation's infrastructure. They are receiving aid monetarily, militarily or both, from most of the countries in the free world.

So, I'll consider it. But given the grave circumstances that envolope that country, I think a 10 cent raise against a weak dollar isn't going to cut it.
(Link - Bet On Iraq)


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