July 07, 2006

Godzilla's Journal


via McSweeney's Internet Tendency (Link):

June 8—Confused today about my place in this world. Am I the protector of Tokyo or the destroyer? Sometimes I just don't know. I've smashed more than my share of buildings, but I've also vanquished a ton of other monsters. Therapist suggests these vanquishings have more to do with me staking my claim to my territory and with feelings of vulnerability when challenged than with playing the hero role. Must remember to stop putting off smashing of therapist's office building. Also, mixed reactions of Japanese add to confusion. Which is it—"Oh, no! Godzilla! Run!" or "Thank goodness, Godzilla will save us from Rodan"?

June 9—It's my weekend to have Minilla. The divorce still hits me pretty hard, but these weekend visitations are always uplifting. Of course, I always get some crap from Helen on Mondays about my parenting methods. "I don't approve of you teaching him the fire-breath attack at such a young age, and I definitely don't approve of you stomping on his tail when he couldn't do it right away." Will she ever understand that Mothra isn't going to wait until a certain age to attack? That kid needs to be ready now.

Well written post... Check out the rest of the month.

(Link - McSweeney's Internet Tendency)


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