July 17, 2006

Sucking can be fun!!1!!!!


I suck at Super Monkey Ball bowling. It's a simple game: You aim a little ball with a tiny monkey down a surrealist bowling lane, which floats in outer space. Aim with precision and the monkey sends the pins flying. Put too much English on the ball and it goes sailing off the edge of the lane, the monkey shrieking as it plummets through the void.

Last week I tried the game for the first time, and quickly discovered that I had zero kung fu. Time after time, I sent the poor monkey wailing off into outer space. Like I said: I suck.

But here's the thing: According to a new scientific study (.doc), I was nonetheless having a really good time. Failing at a game, the study argues, can be just as pleasant as succeeding.

(Link - Wired)

So remember this shit when you get pwn3d on XBOX Live by somebody called GoldenGod503.... Though I completely disagree with this article... Especially when I play Super Smash Bros. at work & lose. I do not get the same happy feeling as when I win. But, it's an interesting article.


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