July 06, 2006

Wikipedia, spreading misinformation one post at a time.

Ok, well, not all the time. But letting anyone & everyone edit stuff hasn't exactly gone smoothly all the time. Some examples, government tampering (Link) & the Ass-Clown Jack Thompson (Link) just to name a few. Well, with such an awesome formula as this, what better genre to create a new Wikipedia for, than politics? We all know politicians are straight shooters & that a site like this wouldn't automatically go partisan! Seriously. Any idiot that's spent even the briefest amount of time paying attention to politics knows this idea is not as sound as the powers at be would have you believe. The mission statement is located here (Link) & I'd like to quote a little from it. On July 4th, Jimmy Wales writes, "I will frankly admit right up front: I don't know how to make politics healthier. But, I believe that you do. I believe that together we can work, this very election season, to force campaigns to use wikis and blogs to organize, discuss, manage, lead and be led by their volunteers."
Right, so it's going to be all wine & roses. Finally a place to get non-partisan, independent views on all things political. After all these years of having to figure it out for myself, like the informed voter I am, I can instead just look it up. Thank GOD!
In an article on (Link) Mr. Wales waxes poetic about what he hopes to accomplish, "Whoever you are and whatever you believe, you can share with me my sincere desire that the process starts to be about substance and thought, rather than style and image."
Good luck with that. Cynical? Sure. We'll keep our eyes on it.


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