May 18, 2006

Greetings & Salutations from the Silicon Valley...

I am starting off this brand new blog with a website that has kept the lost art of BBS's & text files alive. In a time before the internet, before Web 2.0, there were BBS's. The website has an amazing collection of ANSI art, hax0r files, phreaking files & many others from another time...

Also, for nastalgic reasons, check out the Wikipedia entry for MajorMUD. Another great game.. This is one of the greatest RPG's ever & was housed only on BBS's running the Major BBS software package. It was/is a massive text adventure game with 80 levels, many different races & classes, and NO GRAPHICS. My friends & I used to spend hours leveling our characters. Even though it was fun, it took a lot of grinding (like an good RPG) to get the higher levels. The programs that we used to connect to BBS's with allowed scripts to be run in them so that we didn't have to be physically at the computer in order for our character to gain experience. And most of the time it didn't kill us... Though on some of the more advanced scripts we used there was an option to hang-up the modem when our character was close to death, thus preventing the character from dying. Then you have to call up little Johnny or little Billy, have them get the room where you were, then you'd sign online & hope your character had enough life to enter the game... Oh, the hours, ok more like days, I spent doing that... In many ways MUDs were an extension of D&D... Taking it online & being able to play with more than 3-4 people was amazing. It still is. WoW is an impressive game, but MajorMUD will always be the love of my life!

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