May 19, 2006

Skydiving from 31,333 Meters above the world...

By way of The Proceedings of the Athanasius Society & BLDG BLOG.

In 1960, Joe Kittinger rode in a hot air balloon up 31,333 meters about tera firma. He then proceeded to jump out of a perfectly good air balloon for a 4.5minute fall back to earth.

Proceed directly over to the The Proceedings of the Athanasius Society blog to have a gander.

How to start a Game Company via

This article is in two informative parts.

Part I
(Link - Part One)

Part II
Building your Team
Project Management & Communications
Testing & Marketing: Mutually Exclusive
Make Your Money
(Link - Part Two)

I learned a lot... I'd love to start my own... Alls I need is a good idea & money.

He-Man sings 4 Non Blondes

Hahahah!11!! Good editing!

Anthopomorphic Art

A fantastical collection of ironic imagery which document our culture's vanity, aggression, dreams, and neuroses with biting wit and wisdom.

(Link - Ken Steacy Publishing)

Net Neutrality via

U.S. senators have unveiled their latest effort at legislating Net neutrality principles, marking the second such proposal this week and the sixth this year.

Called the "Internet Freedom Preservation Act," the bill was introduced on Friday by Maine Republican Olympia Snowe and North Dakota Democrat Sen. Byron Dorgan and enjoys support from six other Democrats. The nine-page measure (click for PDF) contains a detailed list of obligations for all broadband service providers. (Link -

Al Franken also talked about this on Air America today. I listen to Air America online so this has obvious implications with that as well.
(Link - Listen to Air America Online)

You're not worthy.

You're not worthy.. Neither am I. Apparently the founders of Google kick it at these parties... XENII

Homebrew Cellphone Applications.

It is relatively easy to create applications for J2ME handsets & test them on your phone. If you have Verizon, you've got BREW & you'll have to get it unlocked. There are ways of unlocking it yourself... We here at Sysop's Realm can't tell you specifics, but certain forums, IRC channels, and or websites will be more than willing to point you in the right direction... Just don't turn your phone into a brick.

There is, in my area, a HomeBrew cellphone group that meets at the Google Campus monthly. It appears from their website that they are working on running Linux on Qualcomm phones. This is good news, I think that cellphones are yet another untapped possibility for homebrew developement. (Link -- Silicon Valley Mobile Phone Club)

To bad I don't know much programming...

Ex Machina= Mobile Multiplayer Gaming

I ran across this site when I first started working at a cellphone company... I think they're really on to something though I've not been able to get my hands on a SDK as I'm obviously not a developer...

Ex Machina is a developer in the Netherlands that has created a multiplayer platform & are now partnering with other companies... They have an SDK availible for download if you are affiliated with a company...(Link - Sign up for SDK)

I think the potential is huge for multiplayer cellphone games. In fact I am working with some ideas that I want to present at the company I'm currently at. We'll see if they listen to someone in QA. Probably not...

Nokia N93 playing "Who's Next"

Cellphone games aren't that impressive, yet...

Nokia is about to change that with it's new phones due out in July.

This is on the N Series (damn sexy phone for 600 Euros)... This game, obviously, looks amazing considering this is in game footage & it's on a cell phone... Though there isn't any word yet on the way players will control their character... There lies the problem -- people would rather have a DS or possibly a PSP that is made for games... I think that casual games are where cellphones will have their best bet.

H4x0r the planet!1!!!

Greetings & Salutations from the Silicon Valley...

"We are receiving 17,000 more defaced websites in these minutes. We will account them in this news but we are not sure we will ever be able to handle such a huge amount of notifications as to mirror all of them we should possess a distributed platform such the one Google is having on Akamai. The latest notified defacements seems to belong to the ISP"

Some how, the Turkish cracker going by the handle "Iskorpitx", succesfully hacked 21,549 websites in one shot (what a champ)...(Link - Zone-H)

This is impressive & while we here at the Realm don't openly condone such activities, we are VERY impressed. Pwn3d!!1!!

I'll bet he couldn't hack a Gibson though!