May 21, 2006

GWAR have a Myspace page...

Didn't see this one comming...

GWAR are keeping it real, like so many of us, on MySpace. (Link - GWAR MySpace Page)
They're a friend of mine. And awesome. And they've been around for 20 years.
You might recognize them from the movie Empire Records.
I think it's Ethan Embry that eats pot brownies & ends up in their video.

The fight against V1@gra Spam....

To the antispam researchers at MessageLabs, an e-mail filtering company, each new wave of a recent stock-pumping spam seemed like a personal affront. (Link - News.Com)

Spam isn't such a big problem for the end user. Spam filters a pretty darn good these days. The problem now lies in the ammount of bandwith (See Web Hosting) that all this junk mail saps.

Will & Grace Series Finale

I assumed, wrongly, that my DVR would not only record the retrospective of Will & Grace but also the episode that followed. So, I spent 30 minutes or so cruising the usual Bittorrent sites with no luck. Then, my girlfriend said, "Why not just check NBC.COM". To which I replied, "It's not going to be free..." Once again, I was dead wrong. Awesome. So, here it is. (Link - Will & Grace Series Finale)

I still love DVR.

Gmail Manager

First things first. If you're not using Firefox, you should start imediately. Second, if you are and you have a Gmail account, I have a greate extension that allows you to monitor your Gmail account without having to constantly sign in & check it.

It's called Gmail Manager. It allows you to monitor multiple Gmail accounts. You can set how often it checks for new mail. This extension also allows you to choose if you want the subject line of the e-mail displayed when it checks for new mail.

God Tower The skill of God

I was first introduced to this game by a Producer at my job.

The game has been around since July 2005. There are 99 levels. There are no hints, no cluse. Just a password to get to the next level.

Some are pictures, some are puzzles. Once ended up being a message I had to type out using the Wing-Dings font on my computer. Another was deciphering country codes and then taking the first letter of each country to spell out the password to the next level. People have beaten it, and if you want to be a square about it, there are ways of finding out the answers. We here at Sysop's Realm do not condone that type of behaviour.

Detroit PWNs

I tell everyone that I don't like sports... But the way I talk about them makes it obvious I like them enough to keep up with the latest news. Don't come here for breaking sports news, but do come here...

I post this only because I've been a Rasheed Wallace follower (I'd say fan, but he was a bitch in Portland) since he played for the Portland Trailblazers, the team I grew up watching. So, here's to you Rasheed... I hope you guys win it all.

Detroit pwns Cleveland 79-61

The carnage report. (Link - Yahoo! Box Score)

An Inconvenient Truth

This movie looks very interesting...

From the An Inconvenient Truth Website...
Humanity is sitting on a ticking time bomb. If the vast majority of the world's scientists are right, we have just ten years to avert a major catastrophe that could send our entire planet into a tail-spin of epic destruction involving extreme weather, floods, droughts, epidemics and killer heat waves beyond anything we have ever experienced. (Link - About the Film)

All about global warming... Fun!!

The Scene - Defacto2 Style

Defacto was founded in late February or early March of 1996 as an underground electronic magazine. The original intention was to fill the gap left by Reality Check Network after their initial closing. While the magazine never gained the following that RCN commanded, it was generally considered a decent alternative. After a number of issues the magazine vanished only to later return with a new format, Defacto 2. (Link - Defacto2 Site Info)

This article has great articles about the WaReZ scene as well as old BBS related files. From splash screens to login screens to advertisements, there is a great collection of ANSI artwork. (Link - Defacto2)

I wonder if I started a BBS that actually required people to call in, if it would work? How retro of me....

Stealth Mode for Firefox...

Ever want to browse the internet with Firefox without leaving files that would show the sites you visited? Me too... Now you can surf for pr0n without leaving a trace of anything.

A plugin with the clever name of Stealther allows this to happen.

Get it here. (Link - Mozilla Add-ons)

Combine this is TOR & you wont exisit online or offline.

Sharing Google Calendar...

Google Calendar is awesome. Not only can you have other people view your calendar but giving them read/write access to it allows 2 people share a calendar.

I just set this up with my girlfriend & it worked great. Each person has to invite the other which creates a fake shared calendar. Really you're editing your own calendar & it's showing up on the other persons... But, close enough. There's also an option to discuss the envent.. I'm sure that I'll be using that shortly.

Google, only sometimes evil.

Stick Arena

Playing flash games is fun. It's a great diversion from doing something productive. Multiplayer flash games, even more funner!!!!11!

Stick Arena is a great 3rd person fighting game. Set in office's, contruction sites, etc. The game contains various weapons from bats to shotguns. You can create an account and keep track of your stats. Woot1!!!11!! (Link - Stick Arena)

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Sponsors vs Freeloaders

I'm sure most of you have seen the Red vs. Blue series...

If not, The series is produced primarily by using the machinima technique of synchronizing video footage from computer and video games to pre-recorded dialogue and other audio. (Link - Wikipedia + Red vs Blue)

Hillarious. Well, there's a spin-off series create by forum members of the Rooster Teeth Productions (Link) website.

The Users who pay get more videos than those who don't pay. Everyone wants something for free so the People who pay, started creating their own videos. This was all coridinated with one thread in one forum...

So, enjoy Sponsors vs Freeloaders. (Link)

The greatest warrior ever.

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Vice Magazine

Somtimes not safe for work ... But always entertaining & definately not politically correct... The best feature of VICE magazine is without question the DO's & DONT's section of the website.. . Everything from Fashion to Tattoos, with comments. (Link - VICE magazine)

Here's a don't... (Link)

I like a magazine that's way cooler than anyone else in the world will ever be...