May 24, 2006

Video game raises Venezuela lawmakers' ire

From the Associated Press (must be legit)...

CARACAS, Venezuela - A U.S. company's video game simulating an invasion of Venezuela is supposed to hit the shelves next year, but it's already raising the ire of lawmakers loyal to President Hugo Chavez.

Chavez supporters in Venezuela's National Assembly suspect the makers of "Mercenaries 2: World in Flames" are doing Washington's bidding by drumming up support among Americans for an eventual move to overthrow Chavez.

Ok, I'll give you a link so you can look at the rest... But apparently, video games are used to incite world political change. Right. That game is going to suck. Nobody played Mercenaries 1... Idiots. (Link - Yahoo! News)

Thanks to my lovely girlfriend for this story!!!

Student faces expulsion for Web post

This school is overstepping its bounds. They are disciplining this guy for something he posted outside of school hours. Don\'t they have better things to do? Maybe they should try educating students instead of prosecuting students.

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The insidious clock-stopping menace that's destroying the NBA.

From Slate...

Fans who slept through Monday night's Mavericks-Spurs game will wake up to read that Dallas pulled off a "thrilling" victory in a series that was "as good as basketball gets." I'll give it to you straight, sleepyheads: Reading about it was a lot more fun than watching it. The dramatic high point of Dallas' Game 7 victory came when Manu Ginobili's 3-pointer put the Spurs up three with 32 seconds to go. The Mavericks responded by calling timeout. After Dallas tied the game on Dirk Nowitzki's three-point play, San Antonio called timeout. A few missed shots and a two-minute commercial break later, the game went to overtime, wherein four more timeouts were called. In the game's final moments, there were nearly as many timeouts (six) as field goals (seven). If this is as good as basketball gets, please run 2,000 volts through my recliner.

Basically, there's no real point to calling timeouts late in the game. Other than to try and show that as coachs, they're actually doing something.. The last couple paragraphs of the article are hillarious.... (Link -

The Ethical Dilemmas of Immortality


For John Harris, saving a life and delaying its end is one and the same. Using this logic, Harris, a bioethicist at the University of Manchester, England, figures that scientists have a moral duty to extend the human life span as far as it will go, even if it means creating beings that live forever.

Really it all boils down to what the implications are for giving people immortality.. I guess the best part of being immortal is that I would get to see if the sun actually burns up all it's fuel. I could also see if the Universe is indeed expanding... I mean, the possabilities are endless, as would be my life!11! WooT!1!!! (Link -

Skull and Crossmotes Gaming T-Shirt

I saw this over on Kotaku & couldn't resist posting it here. This item is currently available for Preorder and will begin shipping Monday, May 29. Click on the picture to go to the site.

Large Study Finds No Link between Marijuana and Lung Cancer

Hell ya!!1!

What else is there to say?

"We expected that we would find that a history of heavy marijuana use--more than 500 to 1,000 uses--would increase the risk of cancer from several years to decades after exposure to marijuana," explains physician Donald Tashkin of the Uinversity of California, Los Angeles and lead researcher on the project. But looking at residents of Los Angeles County, the scientists found that even those who smoked more than 20,000 joints in their life did not have an increased risk of lung cancer.(Link - Scientific American)

Cracking WEP and WPA Wireless Networks

Need free WiFi? Don't want to pay at Starbucks? Boy-howdy have I got a deal for you. Well, the more technically proficient people out there. This might take some time... I wasn't aware you could crack wireless networks. I knew trapping wireless packets was hard .. But thankfully, Docupedia has an informative page on how to crack WEP & WPA. (Link - Docupedia)

New domain launched for mobile phones

Do you love surfing the web on your cellphone? I don't either... But now there's a better way. This is a top level domain ending in .MOBI (dot mobi). Rigth now only industry players that already have websites are allowed to register. Open registration beings later this year. Awesome. (Link - arstechnica)

Sorta Cute CosPlay? Wha?

No thumbnail here. You'll have to click on the link & decide for yourself. But, I can tell you that most ladies that would be willing to dress up as storm troopers aren't going to look like this. Not that hottest, but consider the alternatives! Zing! (Link - FLICKR)

The legal implications of the word Fuck.

From the bePress Legal Repository...

This Article is as simple and provocative as its title suggests: it explores the legal implications of the word fuck. The intersection of the word fuck and the law is examined in four major areas: First Amendment, broadcast regulation, sexual harassment, and education. The legal implications from the use of fuck vary greatly with the context. To fully understand the legal power of fuck, the nonlegal sources of its power are tapped. Drawing upon the research of etymologists, linguists, lexicographers, psychoanalysts, and other social scientists, the visceral reaction to fuck can be explained by cultural taboo. Fuck is a taboo word. The taboo is so strong that it compels many to engage in self-censorship. This process of silence then enables small segments of the population to manipulate our rights under the guise of reflecting a greater community. Taboo is then institutionalized through law, yet at the same time is in tension with other identifiable legal rights. Understanding this relationship between law and taboo ultimately yields fuck jurisprudence.


Communications Law; Constitutional Law; Education Law; Employment Practice; Psychology and Psychiatry; Sexuality and the Law (Link - bePress Legal Repository)

Download the Paper (PDF style) - (Link)

Edit: 26,672 (words & footnotes) 80 pages. Happy Reading!

Naughty America: The Game (seriously)

Naughty America: The Game - Get ready for the first multiplayer experience to boldly go where no game has gone before - to bed!

Naughty America: The Game is a massively multiplayer online world, combining in-game chat functionality with real-world profiles along with a heaping dose of entertaining games and exploration features. We're bringing together players across the globe for a whole lot of sexy on-screen fun, and the chance to meet real people in the real world. This is the evolution of online dating - you've never rubbed elbows in the electronic world like this before. - From the Naughty America Website

Somebody download this & tell me how it goes. (Link - Naughty America: The Game)

WARNING: Visit this site with your sound off... The looped music is awful.

Hack a Coke Machine...


Granted, this is from 2004 so it might not work. We here at the Realm can't tell you if we've tried it. But, it is interesting...

Coke vending machines are everywhere. They're getting more and more like regular computers with LEDs that show little "ICE COLD" messages and whatnot. Well, there's a lot more to those little built-in computers than you may think. Included in the low-level operating system that these babies run on is an actual debug menu that gives you access to all sorts of machine information and possibly gives you free cokes in older machines.
(Link -