May 25, 2006

Cute... Oh so cute!

Ahhhh!11!!! ! It's too much cuteness!!! And cuter everyday... And yet, I keep returning. Love cuteness? Love it a lot? Or just need something to equal out all the doom & gloom in the world?
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Why doesn't anyone care about the "war"?1?!!?

Good question... Wire attempts to answer it.
Mainly, why is there not the outcry against this war that there was against, say, Vietnam?

Well, paint Wire cynical, but they think it's because people are tuning out...

From Wired...
I'll tell you where they are. They're at home, tuning in to root for the next "American idol." They're plugged into their iPods, utterly self-involved and disconnected from what lies just outside their doors. They're spending 25 hours a week playing video games in virtual worlds instead of fighting to save the only world that really matters. They're surfing porn. They're text messaging and e-mailing and scheming to close that next big deal. They're flogging their useless crap on eBay.
(Link - Wired)

Beyond Virtually Assured Destruction


Raph Koster yesterday extended some ideas from the Metaverse Grudge Match that began last week. Raph talks about the kinds of power users and administrators have over the virtual worlds they occupy and run, and the fact that both camps ultimately find themselves at a stand-off where their final recourse is mutually assured destruction: if governance sucks, users can leave, depriving the administrator of operating income; if the users are out of line, adminstrators can kick everyone out and shut down the world themselves. Until we can break this stalemate, Raph says, there’s no really good reason for administrators to share power. Can we break it, though? Perhaps. (Link -

MPAA accused of hiring a hacker

Ahh Hacking.
I love it.
I love stories about it.
I love bad movies about it.
I love a story that features the movies.
So, The MPAA apparently has hired a hacker to gather data on torrentspy. So now torrentspy is suing them. The MPAA says it's to try and cover up what torrentspy is doing. Whatever... Good story.. Fuck the RIAA & MPAA.
(Link - News.Com)

Nintendo announces Japanese Wii price!

In other news, Wii PWNS PS3...

Good news friends. We here at the Realm have learned, from many sources, that the Wii is priced at 25,000 YEN. This converts to $225 US. While they tweak their prices based on region, this is a very good sign. Read the gory details.
(Link - videogamesblogger)

Virtual Economies & Real ATMs.

From The End of Cyberspace...

One of the questions I sometimes get when I give the end of cyberspace talk is, "What about Everquest [or World of Warcraft]? What are millions of people doing now if not spending time in electronic worlds? Doesn't the popularity of multiplayer worlds give cyberspace a new lease on life?"

The simple answer is, no. The more complex answer has two parts.

The article goes on to talk about making real money from selling virtual goods. The possability exists for some Users to make playing MMORPGs. WoW, still lame.
(Link - End of Cyberspace)

Larry Smarr on the past and future of telepresence

From the Institute of the Future (What a sweet name!)...

Telepresence has a long history in the laboratory and story. The first AT&T PicturePhone appeared forty years ago. Even as that system bombed, science fiction explored what a world in which telepresence really worked would be like: for example, the bridge of the USS Enterprise (with its giant screen that can alternately be a portal to the outside, a communications screen, or a data display) still resonates with some researchers.
(Link - IFTF)

Awesome expensive clothing & art.

This company is located in San Francisco. It makes awesome shirts.
Like this.


Like This.
(Link - Imaginary Foundation)

White Ninja Comics

It's a no-brainer why this site is cool. Ninjas & Comics!1!
Here's a sample... (Link - White Ninja Comics)

EDIT: I'll grant you that one's not that funny, but there are lots of funny ones on the site, I promise (if you can even read this one).

Retro Video Game Console Reviews...

Over at

Here's a list of console reviews from Atari to Colecovision to NES... Also talks about how collectible each console is. Check out the review of the NES ... Not as glowing & lovely of a review as I would have expected.
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Open Source Flash: Commodore 64 Emulator

FC 64
FC64 is a low level Commodore C64 emulator written in AS3 and licensed under the GPL.

This project is work in progress. Currently the code is of alpha quality. While things appears to be somewhat working, there is still a lot of work left to do and there are many bugs.

In addition to the C64 emulator there are numerous other flash projects hosted on this site. (Link - Open Source Flash)