May 26, 2006

Find good wine....

You can search by type, variety or region.
The site keeps track of which wines you have tried. You can see other Users reviews. The site also will make recommendations based on other wines that you have tried.
Mmmm.... Wine.... (Link -

Stop Blaming the Content - A Rant

Drost over at 2old2play has written a nice article/rant on blaming content in games, etc. for childrens behavior. It's a must read for parents, older gamers or really anyone that doesn't like the censorship thats coming to gaming under the guise of "protecting children".

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Does your surgeon play video games?

He/She/It should be having a warmup of Super Monkey ball before stiching you up.

From DailyTech & my girlfriend...

New research suggests that Surgeons who play video games prior to surgeries fare better than Surgeons who do not

A new study suggests that surgeons who get their daily dose of video games before a surgery commit fewer errors during surgery. Surgeons who warmed up by playing video games like Super Monkey Ball for 20 minutes immediately prior to performing surgical drills were faster and made fewer errors than those who did not, according to a study at Beth Israel Medical Center New York conducted by Dr James "Butch" Rosser.

(Link - DailyTech)

Mission Accomplished.

Today is the 1,121st day since the declaration of "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq. (Link - Countdown with Keith Olbermann)

For anyone out there into the gory details, head over to ThinkProgress.Org (Link) & get the cold hard facts from May 1, 2003 to May 1, 2006.
(Link - The Facts)

Elite Opinion

This website is everything I both love & hate about music. Over the top pretentious & yet good at the same time. Also, it lists little heard of and INDIE projects. There's a really good writeup of a Mike Patton project. I'm a big fan of his because of his work with Fantomas (Link). Let me make my own suggestion. Check out the Director's Cut CD. Awesome!(Link - Elite Opinion)

How to create a MAME...

From (at least) one cool thing...

MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. As the name suggests, MAME emulates multiple arcade machines. In fact, it emulates over 3200 arcade machines from the late 70s all the way through the 90s and even a few more thereafter. Whatever games you recall playing in the past, MAME will emulate authentically.

Excellent & very detailed Post.

(Link - (at least) one cool thing)

The speed limit sucks.

Living in California, and I'm sure many other places, you notice that people don't drive the speed limit. I don't... I enjoy driving fast. Some people decided to see what it would be like if they all drove the speed limit. So 4 cars spread out over the 4 lanes of freeway & all go the same speed, the speed limit. Hillarity insues as people become very irritated. (Link - Google video)

DOS G4mes...

I remember DOS... You should too... This site has a Huge collection of different DOS games. I remember playing Duck Tales a lot. I remember playing a lot of DOS games.
(Link - Abandonia)

Nokia Releases S60 Web Browser into Open Source

From I4U News...

Nokia today announced the source code release of their S60 Web Browser to the open source community. Nokia announced the innovative mobile browser in November 2005. The navigation on the S60 web browser is done by moving a viewing area around on the page. Scaled down pages are used to navigate between pages. Other features include mouse pointer, Text Search, dynamic HTML, W3C's HTML, XHTML 1.0, DOM, CSS and SVG-Tiny standards support.
(Link - I4U News)

Frogger as a flash game...

Once again I bring you another remake of a classic game in Flash. This time it's frogger. Not much else to say....
(Link - Neave Games)

EDIT: Picture not of Flash Frogger..

The egg came first...

That's right friends.... The age-old questions is answered.


The key to the age-old question apparently lies in the fact that since genetic material does not change throughout an animal's life, the first bird that evolved into a chicken must have initially existed as an embryo inside an egg.
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Mona Lisa made from Computer Parts

Nerds! Nerds! Nerds!