May 27, 2006

PMS Clan...

Girls, Video Games, Wha? Yes.

Edit (05.28.06): There's an interesting arguement/discussion on (Link) about these girls & if they are actually good. Apparently they don't have the gamerscores to back up their badassness ... Also, there are claims on the thread of people who have played them & say they aiint sheit!
(Link - Real Problem with female gamers)

The 25 Worst Tech Products of All Time

Yahoo! News via & my girlfriend...

There are some real stinkers on here.. Including some very recent things...
Number 1 is AOL followed by RealNetworks Real Player..

I really hate AOL too even though I had it back in the day...

(Link - Yahoo! News/PCWorld)

Something for the ladies...

Here's a site for the ladies about videogames. It's edited and maintained by a mostly female staff according to their job posting page. And yes, they're hiring if you're looking for a job writing video game reviews. I lack the proper equipment.
(Link -

Japan pwns the US with robots... someday.

Tokyo, Japan...

Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International ("ATR") and Honda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd. ("HRI") have collaboratively developed a new "Brain Machine Interface" ("BMI") for manipulating robots using brain activity signals. This new BMI technology has enabled the decoding of natural brain activity and the use of the extracted data for the near real-time operation of a robot without an invasive incision of the head and brain. This breakthrough facilitates greater possibilities for new types of interface between machines and the human brain.
(Link - JapanCorp)

GameDaily Presents: Mario through the years...

Written by: Robert Workman

What started out as a guy simply trying to rescue his whiny girlfriend from an angry ape twenty-six years ago has since grown into one of the most recognizable faces in video gaming to date. Mario's been through a lot over the years, doing everything from saving Princess Peach countless times from an evil creature in a turtle shell (Bowser), to participating in party games,and taking part in a number of sporting events to show off his athletic prowess, proving that he's not just about plumbing. (Link - GameDaily)

This is a great article... They cover everything about Mario in six pages.

Record hotspot found underwater...

From the news at

Scientists working in the southern Atlantic Ocean have found a 407 °C hydrothermal vent, the hottest yet known on an ocean floor. Although only 5 °C hotter than the previous deep-sea high of 402 °C, recorded in the Pacific Ocean, the new hotspot bumps seawater into the strange state of being a supercritical fluid.

Expedition leader Andrea Koschinsky of International University in Bremen, Germany, and her team found the hydrothermal vent, also known as a black smoker, just south of the Equator on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at a depth of 2,990 metres — or 299 bar pressure. At pressures and temperatures above 298 bar and 407 °C, seawater becomes something between a thin liquid and a dense vapour: a supercritical fluid.

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Las Vegas Sands to unveil mobile gambling...

From the AP & my girlfriend...

LAS VEGAS - Las Vegas Sands Corp. said Thursday it will be the first Nevada company to introduce mobile gambling devices at its casinos.

The owner of The Venetian hotel-casino said it would introduce games such as black jack, roulette, poker and slots as early as this year on handheld devices provided by Cantor G & W (Nevada) LP, an affiliate of the financial services company Cantor Fitzgerald.
(Link - Yahoo! News)