May 30, 2006

Social Networks are the New Media

Much like corporations leveraged Internet 1.0 by creating digital storefronts and giving rise to ecommerce, people around the world are now learning how to leverage the incredible power inherent in the URL to create what is essentially a parallel universe of digital identities.
I wish I wrote informed articles like this.

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Stuff you can't afford...

Like stuff you can't afford? Or shouldn't afford? Like pricey action figures? Have I got a site for you. One of my friends showed me this site & I have never bought anything off it. But it looks really cool.
(Link - kid robot)

Wii briefly listed at $160...

MMmmm... That's nice. Gamebrink (Link) posted this yesterday (05.29.06)... It's from the Japanese site PC-Success... This was taken down very quickly but not before someone grabbed a screenshot of it.
(Link - Gamebrink)

Pedophiles to launch political party

Yes. From Yahoo! News...

Only in Europe. Specifically only in AMSTERDAM.

Dutch pedophiles are launching a political party to push for a cut in the legal age for sexual relations to 12 from 16 and the legalization of child pornography and sex with animals, sparking widespread outrage.

There must be enough of them to create a political party. There also must be less of a stigma for publicly acknowledging that yes, they are pedophiles... Who says political activism isn't for everyone?

(Link - Yahoo! News)

Beer Holster...

From Gizmodo (Link) & RedEnvelope (Link)...

Sorry, this item is temporarily unavailible...

But, it looks freakin' sweet...

This is an exclusive from RedEnvelope!!!!

(Link - RedEnvelope Beer Holster)

First cellphone virus nears 2year old mark.


The first real mobile phone virus, which was found in the wild and could replicate on its own, was discovered almost two years ago.

On June 15 2004, Finnish anti-virus firm F-Secure and Russian rival Kaspersky released details about a piece of mobile phone malware that used Bluetooth to try and spread to other Symbian series60-based mobile phones.

Almost two years on, F-Secure's chief research officer Mikko Hyppönen reports that although there are now over 200 mobile phone viruses -- many of which are variants of Cabir -- the problem is unlikely to get as bad as it has with PCs.

(Link - ZDNET)

Baby born with 3 arms...

Yes. This is real. Doctor's are not sure which arm is more developed. Usually in these situations it is easy to determine the appendage that should stay. This child was also born with one kidney. Hopefully he will be ok.
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