June 04, 2006

The world's #1 transexual...

I'll bet your thinking, "enough with the 6.6.6 buisness, I want to see a transexual." Boy-howdy have you come to the right place... Seriously.. This is the place to come for the latest transgendered gossip. Ok, no. But this is worthy of your time.

I oringinally found this post on (Link). The link I clicked on took me to this blog (Link). Check out the paparazzi with the disposable cameras -- a fact this blog points out. Anyhoo, here's the direct link to her website. Also, google search her (Link) -- there are pictures of her with Keanu Reeves (Link)... Ohya! By the way, all of this shit is NSFW!
(Link - Amanda Lepore Official Website)

Search for Apocalypse on Google...

The 4th entry down is some religious fanatic website. It's a real Bob-Bummer of a read... All doom & gloom. The best part, and I think this speaks volumes about religion as a whole, is that the website is called Apocalypse soon... Well, hopefully they'll get it figured out shortly... The end is near my children.
(Link - Apocalypse soon)

06.06.06 .. Since we're on the subject....

Hey kids. Check out this website. It's the National Day of Slayer website. So, if the end of the world doesn't happen, you should just crank up Slayer (Link) & rejoice! I suggest not playing God Hates Us All because if the Apocalypse doesn't happen, maybe God doesn't hate us all!
(Link - National Day of Slayer)


Seriously. 10-1 odds on that the Apocolypse happens. So, for $100 dollars if it happens, you get $10 million. Wo0t!!! Good luck getting it. There's an interesting article over at all about this.. Good luck, I'll see you on Wensday ... Hopefully.
(Link - 666)

Boing Boing monitored, premptively, for World Cup Piracy

I just opened a letter sent to Boing Boing from some fools at Baker & McKenzie LLP in London.

The letter states that their client, Infront Sports & Media, "anticipates the possibility of unauthorized streaming and downloading of FIFA World Cup matches." The letter goes on to warn Boing Boing that Baker & McKenzie will be "actively monitoring your website ... to identify unlawful activity and will, if necessary, take appropriate action to ensure the protection of Infront's rights of those licenses."

(Link - Boing Boing)

Puzzle Game with no instructions...

There are no instructions... In fact the game says that. I haven't spent much time with it but so far, 0/10 puzzles solved. Awesome. Good luck with this.
(Link - Click-Drag-Type 2 Deluxe)