June 05, 2006

Craigslist & Hitler...

Posted today... Haven't seen this on the internet yet, nor have I looked yet... But I will...
What do you want me to say about this??? It needs no comments.
(Link - Craigslist: Lower Pac Heights)

Waiting for the Apocalypse

We here at the Realm are obsessed with everyone who is obsessed with 666. It's tommorrow.. This is the website you get if you type "666" sans quotes into google.
The site has a lovely Q&A section... But, that's not the good part... Scroll down to the News & Views section and have a read about Rock & Roll (Link).
Everything from Britney Spears (Link) to Marilyn Manson (Link) to Danzig (Link)... In fact, The Rev. Manson has his own page in which it is detailed his anti-christian exploits. (Link)
For instance, this GEM from Spin, "Hopefully, I’ll be remembered as the person who brought an end to Christianity." (Spin, August 1996, p. 34)
Then a bunch of blah blah blah till you get to the part were some dude from DC Talk says he wants to kick it with Manson & talk about 80's music! Apparently that kinda shit doesn't fly with this site.
The site also streams an Iron Maiden song... Not sure if they have the rights for that ... I don't think Jesus is down with P2P bitches...
So, hopefully nothing happens tommorrow. Hail Satan! Ha!
(Link - The 666 Watch) obsessed with Pirate Bay...

I have issues with (Link) & it's comment system -- something I will address another day. Right now, though, there are 15 pages comprising roughly 15 postings per page worth of shit about Pirate Bay. Honestly, who fucking cares at this point? They got raided, it looks like they might come back, they came back, now they might be gone again.. Jesus fucking christ, get over it. There are other torrent sites ... There's IRC... There's many, many, many other ways to get what you need & want. Pull it together digg.
(Link -

I quit smoking on friday..

Over at Vice Magazine they have a picture, with words, about quitting smoking... It has new relevance today.
I feel so fucking blaaah.. I need something to smoke. Not cigarettes though. Something greener.
(Link - Vice Magazine)


Colbert. Speaking. Genius.

[Pours water into a glass at the podium, splashes face and back of neck]

Thank you. Thank you very much. First of all, I’m facing a little bit of a conundrum here. My name is Stephen Colbert, but I actually play someone on television named Stephen Colbert, who looks like me, and who talks like me, but who says things with a straight face he doesn’t mean. And I’m not sure which one of us you invited to speak here today. So, with your indulgence, I’m just going to talk and I’m going to let you figure it out.

I wanted to say something about the Umberto Eco quote that was used earlier from The Name of the Rose. That book fascinated me because in it these people are killed for trying to get out of this library a book about comedy, Aristotle’s Commentary on Comedy. And what’s interesting to me is one of the arguments they have in the book is that comedy is bad because nowhere in the New Testament does it say that Jesus laughed. It says Jesus wept, but never did he laugh.

But, I don’t think you actually have to say it for us to imagine Jesus laughing. In the famous episode where there’s a storm on the lake, and the fishermen are out there. And they see Jesus on the shore, and Jesus walks across the stormy waters to the boat. And St. Peter thinks, “I can do this. I can do this. He keeps telling us to have faith and we can do anything. I can do this.” So he steps out of the boat and he walks for—I don’t know, it doesn’t say—a few feet, without sinking into the waves. But then he looks down, and he sees how stormy the seas are. He loses his faith and he begins to sink. And Jesus hot-foots it over and pulls him from the waves and says, “Oh you of little faith.” I can’t imagine Jesus wasn’t suppressing a laugh. How hilarious must it have been to watch Peter—like Wile E. Coyote—take three steps on the water and then sink into the waves.

(Link - Knox College)

BMW = getting uglier

This car is ugly. BMW, WTF?!?!!? Class it up a little.
(Link - 2007 BMW 3 Series Coupe)

Edit 06.06.06... My girlfriend likes the way this car looks. I don't like the back end.

Rob Zombie to direct next "Halloween" movie...

Zombie will write and direct a new "Halloween" movie, serving up what is being called as a brand-new vision for the long-running horror series. He will also serve as a producer and a music supervisor on the film.

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