June 07, 2006

Drugs Now Legal If User Is Employed

From the Onion....

WASHINGTON, DC—Seeking to "narrow the focus of the drug war to the true enemy," Congress passed a bill legalizing drug use for the gainfully employed Monday.

The Drug War

"Stockbrokers, lawyers, English professors... you're not the problem here," said DEA Administrator Asa Hutchinson at a White House press conference. "If you are paying taxes and keeping your yard tidy, we're not going to hassle you if you come home from a hard day of work and want to enjoy a little pot or blow. But if, on the other hand, you're one of these lazy, shiftless types hanging out on the street all day looking for your next high, we're coming after you."

MMmmm.... Drugs.... Legal... Wait, fake story!!!

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Chrome car... well, it's shiny......

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Thank Heaven for Little Girls: Why Rule of Rose May Be 2006's Most Controversial Game


Young girls? Check. Video game? Check. Gore? Check. Awesome? Heck ya... Maybe...

Rule of Rose is an unusual type of horror game, developed by Punchline, with very nice looking CG work from graphics house Shirogumi, published by Sony in Japan, and Atlus in the U.S. The story surrounds a group of young girls who exist on their own terms, living in a dilapidated orphanage called Rose Garden, which is dominated by a group of girls who call themselves the Aristocracy of the Red Crayon. As the protagonist, Jennifer, you and your canine companion must find a way to survive the wrath of the other girls, as well as the adults that exist in the area. The game has a rather sadistic bent, but also a somewhat erotic one, especially in the game’s lush CG scenes, which might raise a few eyebrows upon release.
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Water as Fuel?!?!!?!? Yes.

World-Ruling enables police to strip search fans...


DORTMUND, June 6 (Reuters) - German police will have the right to strip-search even those World Cup fans heading to stadiums whose behaviour gives them no specific grounds for suspicion, sports news agency SID reported on Tuesday.

The powers follow a ruling by a regional court in the state of Saarbruecken.

The court dismissed claims by a 16-year old girl that a strip-search by police before a second division match between Dynamo Dresden and FC Saarbruecken in March last year was inappropriate and infringed her personal rights.

Typically, police search only those fans they suspect of violent behaviour but the girl was one of several female fans ordered into a cabin and forced to strip naked before the match, the court heard.

Saarbruecken police told the court that they had searched the girl precisely because she appeared "inconspicuous", and these types of fan had previously smuggled weapons and smoke powder into the stadium hidden in their underwear.

On that day, however, police found no such objects about the person of the 16-year-old girl or any of the other women they searched.

The court ruled the strip-search was justified in order to make proper checks, adding the girl should have expected it as Dynamo Dresden fans had repeatedly burned smoke powder during matches. The 16-year-old complained to the court: "You could see in from outside as the cabin was empty and besides the pavement stones in March were horribly cold."

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Pirate Party Postings over at p2p Consortium....

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the Pirate Party's three (3) Issues...

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The Pirate Party

The Pirate Party wants to fundamentally reform copyright law, get rid of the patent system, and ensure that citizens' rights to privacy are respected. With this agenda, and only this, we are making a bid for representation in the Swedish parliament in
the upcoming national elections in September.

Not only do we think these are worthwhile goals. We also believe they are realistically achievable on a European basis. The sentiments that led to the formation of the Pirate Party in Sweden are present throughout Europe. There are already similar political initiatives under way in several other member states. Together, we will be able to set a new course for a Europe that is currently heading in a very dangerous direction.

The Pirate Party only has three issues on its agenda:

Reform of copyright law

The official aim of the copyright system has always been to find a balance between the interests of publishers and consumers, in order to promote culture being created and spread. Today that balance has been completely lost, to a point where the copyright laws severely restrict the very thing they are supposed to promote. The Pirate Party wants to restore the balance in the copyright legislation.

All non-commercial copying and use should be completely free. File sharing and p2p networking should be encouraged rather than criminalized. Culture and knowledge are good things, that increase in value the more they are shared. The Internet could become the greatest public library ever created.

The monopoly for the copyright holder to exploit an aesthetic work commercially should be limited to five years after publication. Today's copyright terms are simply absurd. Nobody needs to make money seventy years after he is dead. No film studio or record company bases its investment decisions on the off-chance that the product would be of interest to anyone a hundred years in the future. The commercial life of cultural works is staggeringly short in today's world. If you haven't made your money back in the first one or two years, you never will. A five years copyright term for commercial use is more than enough. Non-commercial use should be free from day one.

We also want a complete ban on DRM technologies, and on contract clauses that aim to restrict the consumers' legal rights in this area. There is no point in restoring balance and reason to the legislation, if at the same time we continue to allow the big media companies to both write and enforce their own arbitrary laws.

An abolished patent system

Pharmaceutical patents kill people in third world countries every day. They hamper possibly life saving research by forcing scientists to lock up their findings pending patent application, instead of sharing them with the rest of the scientific community. The latest example of this is the bird flu virus, where not even the threat of a global pandemic can make research institutions forgo their chance to make a killing on patents.

The Pirate Party has a constructive and reasoned proposal for an alternative to pharmaceutical patents. It would not only solve these problems, but also give more money to pharmaceutical research, while still cutting public spending on medicines in half. This is something we would like to discuss on a European level.

Patents in other areas range from the morally repulsive (like patents on living organisms) through the seriously harmful (patents on software and business methods) to the merely pointless (patents in the mature manufacturing industries).

Europe has all to gain and nothing to lose by abolishing patents outright. If we lead, the rest of the world will eventually follow.

Respect for the right to privacy

Following the 9/11 event in the US, Europe has allowed itself to be swept along in a panic reaction to try to end all evil by increasing the level of surveillance and control over the entire population. We Europeans should know better. It is not twenty years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, and there are plenty of other horrific examples of surveillance-gone-wrong in Europe's modern history.

The arguments for each step on the road to the surveillance state may sound ever so convincing. But we Europeans know from experience where that road leads, and it is not somewhere we want to go.

We must pull the emergency brake on the runaway train towards a society we do not want. Terrorists may attack the open society, but only governments can abolish it. The Pirate Party wants to prevent that from happening.

This probably wouldn't fly in the United States... Most likely because people are far to lazy to educated themselves about the issues the Pirate Pary raises... I say good luck to them, I hope they grab some seats... We here in the States are just trying to stop the giant fuckups already happening... Vote Democrat. A vote for a 3rd party is a vote for the Republicans. (the Realm)