June 12, 2006

For Some, Online Persona Undermines a Résumé

This article is ass... Written by people who obviously don't have a lot of knowledge about their subject. But, the general premise is very interesting, and true... At the company I work at, we routinely check people's MYSPACE profiles when they apply. Now, I've struggled with this a little, I mean, isn't that judge-jurry-executioner?!?! Don't worry friends, I got over it quick. I've decided it's a lovely way to weed out the people who appear to be Major Tools ahead of time. For instance, if the prospective employee is way to into music, or anime, or taking stupidass pictures of himself (I say him here because girls don't apply for QA jobs... seriously) then it's safe ot say we don't want to waste our time or his.

From the NY Times...

When a small consulting company in Chicago was looking to hire a summer intern this month, the company's president went online to check on a promising candidate who had just graduated from the University of Illinois.

At Facebook, a popular social networking site, the executive found the candidate's Web page with this description of his interests: "smokin' blunts" (cigars hollowed out and stuffed with marijuana), shooting people and obsessive sex, all described in vivid slang.

It did not matter that the student was clearly posturing. He was done.

"A lot of it makes me think, what kind of judgment does this person have?" said the company's president, Brad Karsh. "Why are you allowing this to be viewed publicly, effectively, or semipublicly?"

Many companies that recruit on college campuses have been using search engines like Google and Yahoo to conduct background checks on seniors looking for their first job. But now, college career counselors and other experts say, some recruiters are looking up applicants on social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Xanga and Friendster, where college students often post risqué or teasing photographs and provocative comments about drinking, recreational drug use and sexual exploits in what some mistakenly believe is relative privacy.

(Link - NyTimes)

We here at the Realm offer this tidbit of information... Use a different email address for your MySpace profile & don't list your real name .. or only list your first... Do it goddamnit... Save yourself from these swine... How quickly employers forget about what the did in college? We here at the Realm encourage experimenting with various stimulants & stimulant combinations... You're only young once...

Art about space exploration by people who have never heard of it...

By way of the Kircher Society (Link)...

John Connelly Presents (JCP) is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new painting, installation and video by Marco Boggio Sella. For this exhibition, the artist's second solo show in New York, Boggio Sella traveled to Burkina Faso, West Africa bringing with him images and textbooks on the subject of Astronomy. These materials included among other images of the sun and stars, photographs of the 1969 American moon landing (an event that is often referred to as mankind’s greatest technological achievement of all time). For a population living in one of the most impoverished and remote areas on earth, seeing these pictures (most for the first time) and entertaining the astonishing idea of man’s abilities to travel to the moon led to a series of interviews and commissions/collaborations with the artist.

(Link - john connelly presents)

the Realm would like to acknowledge that there are some among us who believe the moon landing was created in a Hollywood basement... Mabye we not so different from those people after all...

Watch out for FOX Security...

This is old, I know .. but it's hillarious & bears repeating.

Old viruses found alive and kicking in Middle East PCs

From itpTechnology...

Viruses that have been successfully tackled elsewhere continue to attack computers in the Middle East, according to security vendor Symantec.

Large numbers of un-patched computers in the region have led to the continuing presence of the Nimda, Jeefo and Redlof viruses — threats that have subsided in the rest of the world, warned Richard Archdeacon, director of the innovation team, enterprise segment, EMEA, Symantec.

A study of viruses that had occurred in the region during the previous six months showed that Nimda — which was a global threat in 2001 — was the second most prevalent here, despite the fact that it does not appear anymore in the global top ten.

(Link - itpTechnology)

Visit the site of the Führerbunker....

From the

THE site of Hitler’s bunker, long one of Berlin’s best-kept secrets, is now officially a tourist attraction.

After more than 60 years the city has reversed a policy of concealing the location of the underground rooms where the Nazi leader steered the Third Reich towards its downfall, and where he killed himself with poison and a pistol. There is now a sign in German and English on the site, close to the Brandenburg Gate.

(Link -

It's not Disneyland, but I concur that this does have extensive historical value... Honestly, I suprised it took this long for the site to be marked.

Lunch breaks getting shorter.... for other people... not me...

From My Girlfriend & US Today....

What lunch hour? More employees today are forgoing the traditional long lunch and taking an abbreviated afternoon break instead, using the time they'd normally eat to keep working or get other errands done.

It's a sign of just how time-starved employees have become: More than half of employees take 30 minutes or less to eat, according to a survey of more than 1,000 workers on behalf of KFC.

Sixty-three percent say the lunch hour is the biggest myth in office life today.

(Link - Yahoo! News)

I know this is true for my girlfriend... I enjoy hour long lunches... On the downside, I work a lot of Saturday's and just recently worked from 10am to 12:30am. So, I suppose it all evens out... Fuck the corporate world!

Nokia makes the mobile 'a full member of the internet'

From the register...

Nokia may be the most unlikely convert to the open internet model, but it is becoming one of the most enthusiastic.

Fresh from placing key aspects of its Series 60 software architecture, including the all-important mobile browser, into the open source process, it has now ported the Linux-based Apache web server, which powers many of the world's websites, to its Symbian Series 60 platform.

The Finnish giant claims this makes "the mobile phone a full member of the internet" – a statement of considerable significance, showing how far Nokia is reaching beyond its traditional world of cellcos, where open access to the net from the phone is proving ruinous to the business model.

Nokia spotted earlier than any of its rivals that the walled gardens of the cellular operators would not stay intact for long, especially in the market it is targeting most aggressively, the mobile enterprise.

For its next generation high end devices – which the company now refuses to refer to any longer as "cellphones" – to compete with notebooks and become the norm for business access, they needed to offer an internet experience as unfettered, simple and user friendly as that of the PC. This meant adopting, or improving on, the key aspects of that platform – simple user interface, choice of radio links to support the fastest and cheapest connections, IP support, unrestricted web access, and increasingly, open source software options.

(Link - the register)

Have you ever tried entering an ip address or domain name into a cellphone using the current input system? I'll stick with my computer if I want to cruise the internet.

Buger King website unlocks more videos the more people view the page...

Right now the count is somewhere in the neighborhood of 25,000+. The website unlocks the chicken getting "stupid air" & "pull major tricks". I'm suprised that the site is only at 25k or so... Though I saw it on (link) so Burger King is obviously getting free advertising... I'd say they were getting it on this site too, but nobody reads this shit!

(Link - Huckin' Chicken)