June 15, 2006

Weird AL show on DVD -- Finally!

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From the website...

For the first time EVER on DVD, The Weird Al Show - The Complete Series pulls together all 13 episodes in one expansive 3-DVD box set. Yankovic’s signature warped comedy, original songs, TV and movie spoofs, twisted animation and ability to attract a wonderful and motley collection of special surprise guests are what make this a treasure chest of all things Al.

TONS Of Guest Appearances From Comedy Favorites…
# Michael McKean (This Is Spinal Tap)
# Patton Oswalt ("The Comedians Of Comedy", "The King Of Queens")
# Judy Tenuta
# Emo Philips
# Drew Carey
# Fred Willard (Best In Show)
# Victoria Jackson ("Saturday Night Live")
# Gilbert Gottfried
# Dr. Demento

# Fabio
# John Tesh
# Alex Trebek

Straight outa Vietnam

Ya... That's what it looks like... This guy/girl/person has a website offering "Asian Snake Wine". Looks good. I'm guessing the taste does not match the inviting look of this spirit. This bottle will set you back 20 euros + 10 euros for shipping. Visit (Link) -- your one-stop shop for wine with dead stuff in it.

We just read on (Link) a little more about snake wine... The comments section is the best part... People have actually drank it, lived to tell about it in the comments section.

Combining idiots, sports, & video games...

File this under Only in America...
It's one thing to recreate your favorite video games in real life, if they don't already exist. Take for instance the cats over at Mega64 (Link). The current video is Resident Evil 4. Now, compare that to these ass-clowns (Flickr). I'm sure you're thinking at this point, "Wait, (insert my name), those guys are just playing football." It would appear to be an innocent game of football, wouldn't it? Here's the context (Link). Now you're probably saying, "(insert my name), I don't want to click there & have to read it, why don't you just give me the cliff notes version of it?" You asked for it. Those ass-clowns are doing a reenactment of Madden Football 2006. Yes, that's right, that's a reenactment of a game that's recreating a sport that exists outside of video games. So, to me, aren't they just playing football? In what convoluted world can we play a recreation of something & then go reenact a recreation? Is the irony lost on them? Or do they see it as a post modern sport? The reenactment of a football video game makes you about as much an athlete as someone who professionally bowls. Let's take it one step further... Reenactment of a football game in real life is to football as being a drummer is to being a musician... I know that's probably somewhat highbrow for this audience, so let me explain. Drummers, like groupies, wish they were musicians... People who reenact video game football probably never made it past JV football in highschool. Somebody will get hurt & then, the full will truely be over.