June 21, 2006

AT&T owns you... More specifically you have no privacy with AT&T.

This was already posted on BoingBoing but it is so important it bears repeating here & everywhere...
Shortly, AT&T formerly SBC, will come knocking asking you to sign a new privacy policy.
Here's the first snipit from

The new policy says that AT&T -- not customers -- owns customers' confidential info and can use it "to protect its legitimate business interests, safeguard others, or respond to legal process."

Awesome.. But does the awesomeness stop there? No.

The policy also indicates that AT&T will track the viewing habits of customers of its new video service -- something that cable and satellite providers are prohibited from doing.

Moreover, AT&T (formerly known as SBC) is requiring customers to agree to its updated privacy policy as a condition for service -- a new move that legal experts say will reduce customers' recourse for any future data sharing with government authorities or others.

What else is there to say? Don't use AT&T!!11!!

CLEAN YOUR HOME/CAR/COMPUTER CHEAP!!! Nice Guy Homekeeping (cupertino)

A friend of the Realm posted this on Craigslist...

I am a high tech worker here in Palo Alto, looking to make some money on the side to earn extra income. (life sure is expensive in the bay area)

I live in Cupertino, but I can come to your house, within like a 60 miles radius.

Basically I can offer the following services:

Dusting (paying attention to detail)
Cleaning the kitchen
Cleaning Windows

I can even wash your car!

I can even fix your computer (if you want) giving it a "tune up" by removing Spyware, updating patches, answering your computer questions.

I can help you set up a secure wireless internet connection (most are unsecure)

I can even do yard work such as mowing the lawn, and trimming bushes.

Here is the best part. I have no set price. I come, you see the hard work I do, and you pay me with what you believe is a fair price for the services.

And last of all I'm a realy nice hardworking guy.

Email me or call today!!!


Do it. He's a cool cat! Yes I copied the post Exactly...

File this under waah!

From gamernode...

There is a contest that is being held for female gamers and it is getting many of them all fired up. The WSVG (World Series of Video Games) has announced their quest to crown the first ever Miss World Series of Videogames. Will the contestants go head-to-head in a death match on Quake 4 or will the hopefuls go for the most frags in a 10-minute round? Not even close. If you want to enter and qualify, all that is needed is your name, address and the blazing answers to these heavily game related questions:
• Favorite Food
• Favorite Video Game
• Likes
• Dislikes
• Favorite Artist
• Favorite Movie
• Three photos of yourself

Female gamers are up in arms over the barely hidden agenda of the purpose of this event—a beauty contest. One of the most well known female gaming clans, The Frag Dolls, expressed their displeasure on their website by saying:

“$%##@!#! Is all I have to say, what the heck is this crap? How is a Miss WSVG being crowned based on a beauty contest and has nothing to do with gaming? WOW guys, you let me down on this one severely, and I know I am not going to be the only female gamer to think this…this contest has the title of a PROFESSIONAL GAMING CIRCUIT attached to it, and they don’t think that associates it with female gaming? Why not re-evaluate this contest and do something that would make this event more positive, like have a real contest for girl gamers based on all things: a complete package that includes gaming skill and knowledge."

(Link -

That's funny.. .The frag dolls, not that good. But Cute. Who the fuck are they kidding? They have a big UbiSoft contract so now they think they have some right to run their mouth? I'm not saying they're wrong, but I think this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Idiots. My favorite part? "what the heck is all this crap?" Hey, frag doll, say it like you mean it....

A $1 million dollar contract to play Halo 2

Major League Gaming (MLG), the world's first professional video game league, today announced that it has signed the nation's leading four-man Halo 2 team, Final Boss, to a $1 million dollar contract, and Tsquared, one of the top individual pros in the world, to a $250,000 deal.

"As a side note, we here at the Realm went to college instead... Sure we played video games, and smoked a lot of pot, but we thought college was the correct choice. Instead, we could have perfected our Halo skills & pwn3d people for a living... Though to be completely fair, CounterStrike is the only true measure of a persons FPS worth..."

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Another Craigslist "What the fuck?!?!" Moment...

From time to time we here at the Realm skim through the depths of Craigslist looking for the strange & unusual things people post there. By strange we're not talking about 3somes or Orgies or PnP or or T4? type of shit. We're talking about the stuff that would make 80-90% of the world go "What the Fuck?!?!?". Well, today, I think I found just the thing...

First, the headline:
Girls, need you help catching my husband in a sting opperation - mw4w - 36

Allright, seems as though she suspects her husband of some indiscretions & wants to end this once and for all... Well, dear readers, once again your assumptions are about to be proven wrong. Ok, well partially: you underestimate this chicks motives...

From the posting...

I know he is out having sex with other women, I have found panties and a mirror that is not mine in our house and my husband always manages to talk his way out of it. So I need a girl that is willig to go through with sleeping with him, this will be a one time thing, any proof that you can help me gather will be even better.

Ok... Fair enough...

It continues...

Here is the catch, I am not looking to get a divorce, leave him or really change what he and I have too much. What I am looking for is some leverage in our relationship, as I have screwed up before and he caught me. THere is also another guy I would like to sleep with and this proof woul dhelp me open that door a little more easily.

It's like a money shot -- only with words... That friends, is the Craigslist, "What the Fuck?!?!?" moment..

(Link - Craiglist)
Not much else that I didn't include, but if you must...

Only in the Bay Area! Limited time!