June 27, 2006

Is this guy a tool?

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Pot Tea? Yes. But without the good stuff.

Pot, how I love you...

This from Yahoo! News...

British heath food stores will begin selling cannabis flavored iced-tea. Sold under the label "C-Ice Swiss Cannabis Ice Tea", the beverage contains five percent of hemp flower syrup and a tiny (0.0015 percent) quantity of THC, the active ingredient of marijuana.
That's awesome... If only there was more THC. There are, as usual, detractors... Like the squares who say selling this, "...will give young people the impression that cannabis is commonplace."
Hahah!!! Ya, because young people don't already have that impression. How dare some health food store ruin that facade.. Idiots.
(Link - Yahoo! News)

Using Child Porn to erode our rights.

Comcast is changing it's policy for keeping user records from 31 days to 180. They are doing this behind the veil of it helping to curtail child porn. So, the rest of us, who trafficking pictures of little Billy are now being logged as well. Reminds me of all the 9/11 rhetoric floating around. Besides, retaining Users info isn't going to fix the problem. It's not that hard, and never will be, to exist online without leaving a trace you were there... Think about it. All this is doing, like the war on drugs, is forcing everything farther underground. Why not address why child porn is so enticing to some in the first place? Could it be fostered by a culture that both allows sexual freedom and condemns it in the same breath? That's just scratching the surface of a much more heated and complicated debate.
The article goes on to quote some ass-clown from Texas as saying that "the policy of keeping Internet records only 31 days was "almost criminal" in an age of rampant online crimes targeting children." Once again, fuck everyone else, let's get that almost statistically insignificant amount of people who are trading child porn. I know that easy for me to say... But at some point isn't it all about the greater good? Isn't that why we're fighting a war? A few people die to save the rest of us? Well, a few people get away with trading child porn so the rest of us can surf without big brother watching us. Think about it. At least Comcast doesn't roll like AT&T.
(Link - Rocky Mountain News)

Yacht Rock!

These videos are hillarious... This is all about light rock from the late 70's to the early 80's... It's from Check this shit out! There's 11 or more episodes of just this... Watch it.. Be amused.
(Link - Channel101)

OpenSUSE Linux Vs. Vista (Video)

"Is Linux prettier than Vista? Check out Xgl on OpenSUSE"

That's all the title says on digg. Another day, another debate over OS's... Jesus fucking christ.. I'm not even going to link to the comments section because those of you that know my feelings on this know what to expect. A bunch of fanboys trying to out nerd each other as to why their system is the best... Bring back DOS bitches!

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From the Manila Standard by way of

Ubuntu, a user-friendly version of Linux, has been running so nicely on my home personal computer that I decided to do an experiment. I wrote down a list of tasks I normally do with Windows XP and decided to see how many of them I could do on Linux.

Here’s what my list looked like: 1) Write this column; 2) Browse the Web; 3) Get new software and install it; 4) Download files; 5) Play music and video files; 6) Burn CDs; and 7) Print my documents.

Of all these, the first was the easiest. Ubuntu comes with 2.0, an excellent personal productivity suite that works much like Microsoft Office, with its own word processor, spreadsheet, database and presentation programs. It reads and writes files in MS Word, RTF and a variety of other formats, so sharing your files with colleagues who use Windows or Mac PCs won’t be a problem. Unlike earlier versions, too, the program seems to load and run much faster.

Browsing was just as easy. Ubuntu lets you take your pick from several Web browsers, including Firefox. I experienced some glitches initially with YouTube—the videos were playing without sound—but that worked itself out after I rebooted the system.

(Link - Manila Standard)

You know the Linux fanboys are all creaming in their proverbial shorts over shit like this. Why is this even a story?? You can use other operating systems -- most of us just chose not. Also, look at the shit he does... Write a column, browse the internet.... Maybe I could write a whole story about how I use open office to write documents... Here goes...

One day, I decided I would try and do the same things I do with Microsoft Office using OpenOffice. I made a list. Write a letter, write a memo... And you know what?? It worked... Wait, that wasn't much of a story... Ohya, neither is this Ubuntu one...
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MySpace Designs...

I wish I was creative. Or more creative. But alas, I'm to lazy. But I digress. This is some dude's MySpace page... Seriously. That's pretty awesome.

Thanks to our friends? over at NOCOT (Link) for posting this... Ok, really, I just found the site, they're not really my friends. I'm sure they're nice people.



It seems the Mercedes CLS can be either a coupe or sedan, depending on what seems most appropriate at any given moment. To Mercedes, it's a cool coupe. But for German based super tuner it ia sedan as they have customized the Mercedes CLS making it the fastest sedan with a blistering top speed of 227 mph (362.4 km/h). Pop the hood and you will find a twin-turbo V12 engine from the latest Mercedes 600 models, tweaked to an astounding 730 hp. It also offers the fastest acceleration for any sedan zipping to 0 to 62 mph in 4.0 seconds, 0 to 124 mph in 10.5 seconds, and 0 to 186 mph in 29.5 seconds. A modified five-speed automatic transmission transfers the power to the rear wheels.

Not sure what that all means, but it looks like it makes it go faster...

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