June 28, 2006

Fox Interactive & MySpace

From 2.0...

SAN FRANCISCO (Business 2.0 Magazine) -- News Corp. executive Ross Levinsohn hadn't even heard of MySpace until he interviewed a 20-something woman who was applying for an entry-level administrative position with him back in 2004.

When he asked her what her typical day was like, she told him about the hours she spent online checking out social-networking sites, swapping photos, trading music, communing with like-minded people. She didn't watch TV, and she didn't read newspapers.
Levinsohn didn't hire her, but he did begin researching some of the websites she'd described. Ultimately he encountered an up-and-comer called MySpace.

For Levinsohn, then the head of, the timing was perfect. In the spring of 2005, he was put in charge of revitalizing News Corp.'s Web efforts -and given $2 billion to do it. He promptly laid out $580 million of that on MySpace, which became the core of Levinsohn's new division, Fox (Charts) Interactive Media (FIM).

The article goes on to talk about advertising. How much money these people make.. I don't know, if what I posted is at all interesting, you'll click the link...

(Link - Business 2.0)

Japanese Girls practice Calligraphy.

I know this is strange for my only post of the day... Let me explain, it's Japanese girls in bikinis, practicing calligraphy. This stuff is on TV in Japan. Once again, the United States of God Bless America is behind the times, again. I'll bet many more people in the States would be able to read & write if girls in bikinis explained it on TV. It couldn't be any worse that "So you Think You can Dance"! Think about that.