June 29, 2006

Why is James Dobson such a player hater?

There's no good answer... It seems as though Jesus is telling him that gay people threaten his marriage. Interesting. Mr. Dobson got to write a little piece of commentary over at CNN regarding the debate (Link).
Over at Dispatches from the Culture Wars, one of my favorite blogs, Ed Brayton takes apart, piece by painfully idiotic piece, Mr. Dobson's pathetic arguement. It's worth the read (Ed's deconstruction of the piece, not the piece itself) -- look for a link at the bottom of this page.
Ed ends with a great summation...
Will Dobson's marriage suddenly blink out of existence when gays can get married? Will people stop getting married, stop having children, stop loving each other and their children? Does anyone in the world actually decide whether or not to get married based on whether other people they don't even know are or aren't allowed to get married? Of course not. Dobson just skips right to the conclusion without bothering to fill in the detail on how or why this destruction would take place. That is predictable, of course, since there is no logical argument to be made for the conclusion. And when that happens, you just have to keep repeating the conclusion over and over and over again and hope no one bothers to ask.
You sir, are a goddamn genius.
(Link - Dispatches from the Culture Wars)

The Human Caterpillar...

Over at the Kircher Society (Link)there's an interesting post about a man who does not have any arms or legs. Actually, it's a post with a link to the website The Human Marvels (Link). On The Human Marvels, it talks in depth about Prince Radian, the Human Caterpillar. He performed at many sideshows & eventually worked with P.T. Barnum..
Randian had many nicknamed during his career Randian’s typical costume consisted of a striped wool garment and his main mode of transportation was writhing about on the ground in a worm-like fashion.

Enjoy the rest of the post at The Human Marvels... And look at the picture!

Your own zamboni


EAST MONTPELIER, Vt. - Damian Renzello has been searching for smooth ice for years. Now he has created the ultimate outdoor backyard dream machine for ice lovers — the backyard Zamboni.

Renzello, who invented the Porta-Rinx, a backyard portable ice skating rink kit, and the Bambini, a pull-behind ice resurfacing unit, now has the solution for sale.

He has mounted a snow blower on the front of a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle, added an ice scraper blade underneath and mounted a water tank connected to pipes and hoses that lays down a film of water to create a glass-like finish to outdoor ice.

Probably not useful for here in the Bay Area... But in places where there's snow, and people who want smooth ice... Ya. Whatever!
(Link - MSNBC)