July 07, 2006

Godzilla's Journal


via McSweeney's Internet Tendency (Link):

June 8—Confused today about my place in this world. Am I the protector of Tokyo or the destroyer? Sometimes I just don't know. I've smashed more than my share of buildings, but I've also vanquished a ton of other monsters. Therapist suggests these vanquishings have more to do with me staking my claim to my territory and with feelings of vulnerability when challenged than with playing the hero role. Must remember to stop putting off smashing of therapist's office building. Also, mixed reactions of Japanese add to confusion. Which is it—"Oh, no! Godzilla! Run!" or "Thank goodness, Godzilla will save us from Rodan"?

June 9—It's my weekend to have Minilla. The divorce still hits me pretty hard, but these weekend visitations are always uplifting. Of course, I always get some crap from Helen on Mondays about my parenting methods. "I don't approve of you teaching him the fire-breath attack at such a young age, and I definitely don't approve of you stomping on his tail when he couldn't do it right away." Will she ever understand that Mothra isn't going to wait until a certain age to attack? That kid needs to be ready now.

Well written post... Check out the rest of the month.

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PC vs MAC done Best Week Ever Style.

Ahh... Funny. I love my Alienware.

Who owns content created in virtual worlds?

Now, I know the majority of you are saying, "Who gives a shit?" And, for the most part, I would tend to agree with you -- at this point of MMO evolution. But, as virtual worlds start to become bigger & bigger business not just for the companies who produce them, but also for the people who use them, it is a question that will have to be dealt with.
The best example of this conundrum is over at Linden Labs (Link), creators of Second Life (Link). For me, this type of MMO is not what I would consider a game. It's like the Sims. You run around, create stuff & live a life -- only virtually. In order to live this virtual life you have to cut down on your real life. So does that mean that if you're spending more of your time in the virtual life that in reality it becomes your real life while your former real life becomes something of a simulation?
Wait, wait, I digressed. The point is, people in Second Life can create stuff -- be it clothing, hairstyles, houses, etc. & then sell the afore mentioned stuff for Linden Dollars (Link - Wikipedia). These Linden Dollars then convert to green U.S of A. money & thus people can make money creating & selling stuff (Link) in Second Life.
Since they are using Linden Labs game engine, paying Linden Labs to use it, who really owns this created virtual shit? I think I asked that already, but it brings me to the website I'd like to direct you to...

Clickable Culture has an interesting post about this very topic & the only reason I'm even talking about it is because I read the article, liked it, and thought that the 3 readers of my blog would enjoy it too...

Here's a snipit to get you moist...

As with most services, usage of the virtual world of Second Life is governed by a Terms of Service agreement (also known as a "Terms of Use" agreement). Second Life's maker and maintainer, Linden Lab makes periodic changes to its Terms. In 2003, it allowed users to retain ownership rights for content created in Second Life, a move that is arguably responsible for the virtual world's steady growth.

Somewhere along the line (recently, I suspect), a clause was added to Linden Lab's Terms asserting the company's ownership over user accounts:
"3.3 Linden Lab retains ownership of the account and related data, regardless of intellectual property rights you may have in content you create or otherwise own. You agree that even though you may retain certain copyright or other intellectual property rights with respect to Content you create while using the Service, you do not own the account you use to access the Service, nor do you own any data Linden Lab stores on Linden Lab servers (including without limitation any data representing or embodying any or all of your Content)."

So that answers it for Second Life. Linden Labs pwns all your shit. No matter how creative or unique it is, they own you. Which does make sense, you are using their game, wait, not a game, their program. I'm not sure how long this will last before people start wanting to retain the rights to their own content. We shall see... Well, at least we'll read about it somewhere...

(Link - Clickable Culture)

What's that smell? Political Satire.

Go to this blog now. Don't walk, run. To me it reads like the Colbert Report of blogs. There are so many ass-clown conservatives running their mouths out there & most of it has no grounding in reality. That's where this blog comes in -- pointing out the asinine rhetoric & conjecture most of the left puts out. Enjoy!

(Link - Jesus' General)

They're watching us... But not that closely.


The U.S. Air Force, completely bogged down with information overload trying to read every blog in the world, will pay $450,000 to Versatile Information Systems Inc. to have the company develop a means of sorting out the most important new information being posted to weblogs.

According to the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, the study will follow the hyperlinks in and between blogs to find what is being linked to most frequently. This will help to find the most important or newsworthy information at any point in time.

According to the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, the study will follow the hyperlinks in and between blogs to find what is being linked to most frequently. This will help to find the most important or newsworthy information at any point in time.

So, you know, don't watch what you say... This article goes on to talk about how it would be so much easier to just use (Link), Technorati (Link), or (Link) to follow such activity. Whatever -- another fleecing of America.

(Link -

How to be a a hacker...

From the website...
How Can I Become a Hacker?

It seems that more and more people every day ask this question on newsgroups, through email, and in chat rooms. There is no simple answer, since everyone must follow their own path. But there is one thing that you must have to even fathom reaching hacker status: determination. You must be willing to find information and to teach yourself. You can't rely on others, and you can't rely on school. Typing class will get you nowhere.

Not sure that reading a website is going to put you into the 31337 ranks either.. But there's some good info on here... And I enjoy reading about exploits & nerdy shit like this. So, you should too.
(Link - How to become a hacker)

Pre-Order Halo3

So go get it. I hope it actually comes out then.
I know, there's no story here... I'm just dreaming!
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