July 17, 2006

Oprah's not gay!!

From my girlfriend & Yahoo! News...

Oprah Winfrey and her friend Gayle King want to be clear: they're not gay.

In the August issue of O, the Oprah Magazine, the talk-show host explains that some people misunderstand her close friendship with King.

"I understand why people think we're gay," she says. "There isn't a definition in our culture for this kind of bond between women. So I get why people have to label it — how can you be this close without it being sexual?"

(Link - Yahoo!)

I don't know if I even need to make a joke about it. Good for her...

Goverment spies on anti-war group... wha? no?!?! Really?!


Newly surfaced government surveillance reports reveal that the U.S. Department of Defense monitored anti-war and anti-military e-mails sent by University of California-Berkeley students in April.

The students' e-mails contained plans to host a campus protest against the war in Iraq and against the presence of military recruiters on campus.

The reports, released on June 15 following a Freedom of Information Act request filed by the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network in January, contained information copied from an e-mail circulated by student group UC Berkeley Stop the War Coalition regarding a protest planned for April 21, 2005 on Sproul Plaza.

(Link - Uwire)

There are two ways to look at this. The most important one is that I think the government could be spending its' time & money on watching people who pose a real threat, not Berkeley students. Not any students... The second issue I have is why is this news? Well, it's not really that much news because I found it on U-wire -- not CNN. I could be REALLY sarcastic and say that the student group should be encrypting their shit a little better.

Sucking can be fun!!1!!!!


I suck at Super Monkey Ball bowling. It's a simple game: You aim a little ball with a tiny monkey down a surrealist bowling lane, which floats in outer space. Aim with precision and the monkey sends the pins flying. Put too much English on the ball and it goes sailing off the edge of the lane, the monkey shrieking as it plummets through the void.

Last week I tried the game for the first time, and quickly discovered that I had zero kung fu. Time after time, I sent the poor monkey wailing off into outer space. Like I said: I suck.

But here's the thing: According to a new scientific study (.doc), I was nonetheless having a really good time. Failing at a game, the study argues, can be just as pleasant as succeeding.

(Link - Wired)

So remember this shit when you get pwn3d on XBOX Live by somebody called GoldenGod503.... Though I completely disagree with this article... Especially when I play Super Smash Bros. at work & lose. I do not get the same happy feeling as when I win. But, it's an interesting article.

Angry football manager...

Che is a tool...

Tired of kids wearing those goddamn Che shirts all over?? Fight back with your own type of Che shirt -- thus still making you cool because you're wearing one, but making you cooler, than everyone else because yours makes fun of thiers. Got it? By the way, here's what Che (Link) was all about... You know, it's at least 80% accurate! Thanks Wikipedia...

(Link - Che-Mart)

To bad teh pictures are all fucked up...